Saturday, February 3, 2018

The 4 Types of Trauma - Emotional & Physical

“With trauma and injury we are always faced with the twofold position of anatomy and emotion, for what has happened emotionally is just as important as what has happened physically.  In injury, and especially in trauma, these ‘coalesce’ to varying degrees. One could say injury is to the body as trauma is to the psyche.”    Dr. Ryno Tomlinson
Could opening yourself to a new option, idea or connection transform the way you perceive and experience trauma and performance in your personal and professional life?
Good News
While traumatic events, both large and small, may be with us forever, it does not mean that trauma must control our behaviour indefinitely. System 438 is a simple, systematic approach to understanding and dealing with trauma. It is a valuable resource to share with other people.
The 4 Types of Trauma  
1. Catastrophic Physical Trauma - Extremely painful & visible.
2. Catastrophic Emotional Trauma - Extremely painful & visible.
3. Cumulative Physical Trauma - Painful & visible. In part invisible
4. Cumulative Emotional Trauma - We can’t see, smell or feel it

The first 2 traumas are easily seen because the injury, trauma and pain is acute. So we deal with it immediately. Cumulative Physical Trauma is visible as well. Unfortunately, in too many situations, it is too late to repair the physical damage done by Cumulative Physical Trauma..

Cumulative Emotional Trauma is our ticking time bomb, our biggest cost and the most difficult trauma to see. This is also the type of trauma which is most misunderstood or ignored. Like carbon monoxide gas, cumulative emotional trauma slowly and quietly poisons an individual, team or workforce.

Next blog: What does small but cumulative emotional trauma in the Workplace look like and feel like?

Monday, January 29, 2018

What is System 438 ?

“It is rare that personal achievement and the science to back it up are demonstrated in the same program. Doug Smith has done it!”  
Jack Canfield, International best-selling author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

438 is a systematic approach to improving your mental performance at home and in the workplace. System 438 is cutting edge, real-world applicable and of useful interest to you emotionally, relationally and professionally. The system is supported by neuroscience as a performance tool and is endorsed by mainstream medicine as a supplement to professional health care.

The Problem - Unlocking Your Mental Performance
Trauma causes a disruption between your conscious brain and subsconscious brain. Your trauma can hurt your performance and the performance of others around you.

We all suffer from trauma in our lifetime yet due to our own unique life experiences, which start months before our birth, there can be no two traumas exactly the same. The way in which we experience trauma is unique to all of us but the system that can be used to recover from mental trauma, is the same for all of us. System 438.

The Problem Grows
If trauma is continuous or ignored, the problem grows bigger. Trauma can cause a person, or people, to behave in strange ways but not know why they are behaving in such a manner. Without intention, the symptoms of trauma can cause terrible confusion, stress and anger in one’s self, family, friends and co-workers. Most times, like carbon monoxide gas, we do not see it or smell it.

Today, it is widely accepted that emotional trauma can hurt human performance and is the root cause of so many epidemics like addiction, PTSD, depression, bullying, eating disorders, workplace harassment, family violence, suicide and hundreds of other presenting symptoms. The worlds largest organizations are now recognizing the massive cost of cumulative emotional trauma and toxic cultures. They are searching for a fix.

The Solution
You will see how System 438, helps you Recognize the symptoms & Treat the cause

In the next post we will dive into one of the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated causes of human suffering ... Emotional Trauma

Doug Smith

Monday, December 18, 2017

The NHL & the Impact That Changed Me - Doug Smith

When I broke my neck and suffered a spinal cord injury I became conscious for the first time in my life. I began to document my very strange journey from the beginning in leg braces as a child, to the unlikely rise to the NHL by 18 years old, to the emotional and physical impacts that would change me forever.

Thriving in Transition and my latest book, The Trauma Code are now in Canada's National Parliamentary Library and are having a positive impact around the world. 

If you are searching for competitive advantage and/or improving your ability to get better, System 438 was built to help. It supported by neuroscience as a tool for your brain and endorsed by mainstream medicine as a supplement to professional health care. 

System 438 is simple to use and is endorsed by hundreds of people and organizations. It is easily personalized for use by you and/or your management teams in an online program called Your High Performance Playbook

It is so, so important that we are aware that the human brain cannot distinguish between RECOVERY and PERFORMANCE. The system used to recover from trauma and to achieve high levels of performance is the same system to our brain.

Your feedback is always welcomed. 

Health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

Doug Smith, Author of The Trauma Code
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